Note: This software (which once cost $249) is now being made available for free. It was first released Feb. 1997. The 2.1 version received a "Product of the Year" award from Ziff Davis and PC Magazine in Jul. 1998. It was originally designed for Windows® 95, was updated through Windows® XP (and beyond), and remains compatible with modern versions of Microsoft® Windows® (such as Vista, 7 and 8).

Feel free to grab a copy and use it however you like (but please, within the scope of the EULA). Also, please realize this is an unsupported legacy product. Compatibility with newer operating systems may vary. Enjoy!

Stardust™ Screen Saver Toolkit™ 4.5, the latest version of our award-winning screen saver authoring software, provides everything you need to create professional-quality screen saver products that you can distribute and sell royalty-free. Absolutely no programming is required.

Screen Saver Toolkit customers from all over the world have used it to promote web sites, start businesses, showcase talents, promote products and services, and create family keepsakes.

An easy to use wizard guides you step-by-step through the process of transforming your images, sounds, videos and animations into complete self-installing screen savers. Support is included for state-of-the-art and popular multimedia file formats: images (BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG2000), videos (AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASX), animations (SWF), and audio (WAV, MP3, MP2, OGG, MID, RMI, SGT, AIFF, WMA, ASF, MOD).

Screen Saver Toolkit is a flexible authoring tool that makes it possible to create many different types of screen savers: random and ordered slideshows, unlockable 'Try & Buy' screen savers, interactive Flash animations, even screen savers that expire. Include introduction screens, transition effects, wallpaper support, watermarks, artistic effects, image enhancement, and background audio. Attach captions and Internet links to images. Customize the interface and features available to your users. Automatically generate CD, floppy disk, and Internet style setup programs. Or, create a WebSaver that allows you to package any URL as a screen saver, with its own customized setup program.

Screen Saver Toolkit benefits from years of refining and produces stable, professional-quality, 32-bit screen savers that properly support Windows technology (live preview, proper Windows password protection, energy savings, multimonitor support) designed for all versions of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. But don't just take our word for it: try our latest trial edition and sample screen savers.

Key Features

Screen Saver Toolkit packs a lot of features and technology into an easy-to-use package:

  • Image Files - Include images in your screen saver in BMP, JPEG, JPEG-2000 (JPC, J2K, JP2), GIF, and PNG image file formats.
  • Video/Animation - Include AVI videos, Macromedia Flash animations, MPEG videos, Windows Media Video (WMV), and .ASX streaming video in the screen savers you create.
  • Sound - Wave, MIDI, MP3, MP2, Ogg Vorbis (.OGG), WMA, Audio Interchange Format (.AIFF), .ASX streaming audio files, and many other audio formats (ProTracker, FastTracker, ScreamTracker, Impulse Tracker, Direct Music, and more) can be included in the screen savers you create, powered by an internal audio engine that doesn't require Windows Media Player or codecs.
  • Transition Effects - 50+ interruptible transition effects are provided for displaying your images. Transitions can be set to high, normal, or low CPU priority.
  • Artistic Effects - Add animated snowflakes, a sticky note with configurable message, or a sepia tone to your screen saver. All artistic effects are user configurable.
  • Wallpaper - You can choose to make the images in your screen saver available as wallpaper, with an optional Wallpaper tab in the Settings dialog that allows the user to select any image and immediately apply it as desktop wallpaper.
  • Watermark - A configurable watermark of your choice can display on your screen saver, and be written out to your wallpaper files.
  • Fully Customizable - Set defaults for screen saver settings such as timing, display, caption, audio, and mouse options. Individually select which options the user can modify.
  • Image Sharpening and Resampling - Choose from Bicubic Interpolation or Nearest Neighbor resampling, for the highest quality image display on any screen resolution. You can also choose to sharpen your images at runtime, which lets you save disk space and avoid 'blockiness' issues associated with resizing a pre-sharpened image.
  • Automatic Setup/Uninstall - Automatically create a Setup and Uninstall program for distributing your screen saver on floppy disk, CD-ROM, or the Internet. Create multiple types of setup program in one action.
  • Unlockable Try & Buy - Create "Try & Buy" screen savers with unlockable content, that is only displayed when you provide the user with an unlock code. Use unique unlock codes for each user, or one unlock code for all users. You can even include content (advertising, sales material, etc.) that disappears after a screen saver is unlocked.
  • Time Limitation - Create screen savers that expire on a specific date or a specified number of days after first being used. Combine this with an unlock code to make a demo screen saver that will only work for a limited amount of time, but can be unlocked into the full version even after the demo expires.
  • Multi-monitor Support - Multiple monitors are treated as one large virtual monitor, displaying your screen saver across its entire expanse.
  • Secure Content Storage - All images and audio files are encrypted and securely stored inside Stardust's proprietary multimedia storage container, so you don't have to worry about your work being copied or stolen.
  • Backup and Restore - Easily back up all projects, or selected projects, to an archive file, then restore from your archives as needed.
  • Virtually Unlimited Capacity - If you want to create a screen saver with 10, 100, or 1000 images, you can. Stardust's proprietary multimedia storage container is designed to provide quick access no matter how large your screen saver project.
  • Everything Built In - Everything is built in to your screen saver. No bulky runtimes or DLLs need be required.
  • Easy To Use - Wizards guide you step-by-step through the process of transforming your images, sounds, videos, and other content into a complete self-installing screen saver product.
  • Project Management - The Screen Saver Toolkit Project Manager lists all your screen saver projects. You can edit, build, and preview projects, all with just a click. You can also configure Screen Saver Toolkit to automatically build projects after editing, and automatically install on your computer after building.
  • Content Preview - Preview images, videos and animations, and play audio files, while in the Wizard.
  • Rich Text Support - Your ReadMe and License can be in Rich Text or plain text formats.
  • Advanced Add-on Capability - Screen Saver Toolkit supports third-party add-ons, even those that operate at runtime. All add-ons are fully uninstallable using the Add/Remove Programs utility in Control Panel.

Rich Feature Set

The screen savers created by Screen Saver Toolkit also support a rich set of features:

  • Easy to Use - Your screen saver's user interface is designed to be attractive, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • Static or Live Preview - Your screen saver can display a static (single image) or live preview when it appears in the Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP Display Properties dialog.
  • Selectable Transition Effects - The user can select any combination of transition effects. If they don't like an effect, they can turn it off. Effects can be set to high, normal, or low priority.
  • Configurable Artistic Effects - The user can turn all effects on and off, and configure them to their liking. If a Sticky Note tab is included in the Settings dialog, the user can turn Sticky Note display on and off, and update the Sticky Note text at any time, to leave an up-to-the-moment message for visitors while leaving their computer securely locked and protected.
  • Wallpaper - If a Wallpaper tab is included in the Settings dialog, the user can select any image in the screen saver as wallpaper, and immediately apply it to the desktop.
  • Custom Look and Feel - You can modify the look and feel of your setup program by changing the colors and other settings, or add a custom graphic banner to your screen saver Settings dialog. Choose which features to include in your screen saver's interface.
  • Web Site Connectivity - You can include a link to your web site in your screen saver Settings dialog. And, any image in a screen saver can be linked to a URL.
  • Customize User Configuration - You can set defaults for all screen saver settings, and individually select which settings the user can modify.
  • Include System Accessories - You can include the Desktop QuickStart applet, to make it easy for the user to launch your screen saver. Add-ons can easily be uninstalled using the Add/Remove Programs utility in Control Panel.
  • Low CPU Usage - The screen saver runtime engine has extremely low CPU usage, often as low as 1% or less.
  • Multiple Disk Spanning - Your screen saver Setup can span multiple floppy disks.
  • Internet-Style Setup - You can create a single-EXE Setup program that makes it easy to distribute your screen saver on the Internet or through E-Mail. Data compression makes your Setup as small as possible.


And of course:

  • Unlimited Royalty-Free Distribution - No hassles. No hidden costs. You can distribute, and even sell, an unlimited number of copies of the screen savers you create.